Windbreaker Jackets: Everything You Need to Know

Windbreaker Jackets: Everything You Need to Know

We’re answering your top questions about lightweight jackets, also known as windbreakers.  They are versatile pieces of outerwear that can be worn for any season. Can you wear these jackets for spring and summer? Yes. The fabric in windbreakers usually consists of nylon or polyester material with mesh lining. They are breathable and can keep you warm during cool days and nights in the fall and spring.

What is a Spring Jacket?

A spring jacket is one that’s made with thin materials, unlike heavier winter outerwear, such as puffer jackets and wool coats. It shields you from being cold in mild weather conditions. If it’s cool in the morning, you may want to bring a spring jacket before going outdoors.

Are Windbreakers Waterproof?

Most of the modern styles of windbreaker jackets are waterproof. The thin layer of fabric can withstand light rain and windy conditions. If there’s a light drizzle or shower outdoors, a windbreaker can help keep you dry from the weather. If it’s raining heavily, consider opting for a raincoat instead of a windbreaker.

Can You Wear Windbreakers During Outdoor Running?

If you’re planning to go for a jog outdoors, a windbreaker is a great option to shield your arms from the cold wind. They’re easy to remove and pack in your backpack if it gets too warm while exercising.

Are Windbreakers for Cycling?

Windbreakers are excellent options for cycling outdoors. While being exposed to stronger wind, the thin fabric in windbreakers is designed to keep you insulated and warm. The breathable material makes them a great option for activewear.


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